I just listened to a report on NPR about the serial killers terrorizing Phoenix. Indeed, I’m a bit freaked out. Although, I really wasn’t until I heard that report. Funny how you can live in your own little protective suburban bubble until Michele Norris knocks you silly. [Tangent: does it annoy you that she pronounces her name “Meee shell.” Gah.]

So, there’s the two wackos wandering around the city, randomly shooting, killing and raping people. And then there’s the oppresive heat that is making those without air conditioning, even when temporary, rather unhappy. If this isn’t a tourism brochure for all those interested in moving to Phoenix in July, I’m not sure what is.

Current distractions:
1. Swam this morning and get to swim again tonight. Love that. It’s a double dip kind of day.

2. Knitting. Kay and Ann are smarties. Check out my ballband dishcloth:

Ballband 2

3. Sewing. Lots of totes to give away on the tour de South America next month.

4. Cooking. Um, notsomuch. Unless you count pouring the cereal into the bowl “cooking” this time of year.

5. Reading. It’s dry, but interesting. And way scarier than a serial killer.

6. Listening. I added many of these to my running mix. Nothing like a little Queen to get me hauling bootie on my morning runs.

La de dah, off to the pool. Let’s hope they catch these crazies soon.