Sundress for the Summer

My one giant flaw with sewing is I my spacial abilities are quite poor. Sizing isn’t my forte.  My grandfather once received an apron that went to his toes and wrapped around him nearly twice. I knit those once in style One Skein Wonders for a dozen friends for Christmas one year, only to never see a single one ever worn. I did hear a lot of, “Wow! So cute, and so tiny…” Skirts, usually too big. Rebecca’s pajama pants at Christmas were so large she could stand in one leg. You get the idea.

When I started working on this quick sundress for Delaney, I held the first version up to myself to realize that it fit nearly perfectly. That is, it fit me nearly perfectly and I’m only about a foot taller and 100 pounds larger than this sweet 9 year old. Perhaps I should become more acquainted with my measuring tape.

It fits!

And so, imagine my delight when she put this on and it fit perfectly. Giddyup.