May I just say, welcome home birthday girl! So glad you were able to get away to Maui to celebrate your anniversary and the big blowing out of candles. Your photos make me want time in a hammock with a very tan man and a pina colada. What? Too honest? Mahalo!

September Playlist glimpse

I love what you’ve selected for the September CRAFT projects. While I’ve yet to make the commitment to become a pet parent (after how many years of moaning that I want a dog), I love this project and have many friends in my life who’d appreciate one of these nifty little canine accessories. Also, who doesn’t have a bag full of annoying conference tote bags hanging around to be put to better use?

And dessert. Well. I think it is safe to say you know where I stand on dessert.

Hello, itunes

Another not so secret to be revealed — mixed CDs are pretty much my favorite gift to give and receive. I love new tunes, especially a random selection of artists I more than likely wouldn’t have other known. My friend Adam is incredibly good at this. He gives me new music regularly. So, sharing the love this month with a sweet few. I’ll post one to you soon. Nothing like spending the afternoon with dessert baking in the kitchen, the sewing machine humming in the living room and the tunes shaking hips through the entire house.