Elephant necklace by Queenthings

My new elephant pendant from Jenny of QueenThings/True Nature. Tres African. I love it. (Nice random hair stuck to my chest. Oy.)

Have you looked at the calendar lately? Six months have whizzed past and I swear I was just welcoming 2006’s birth 20 minutes ago. How this year is flying by! Before I’m scratching my head wondering how Thanksgiving has already arrived, I figured it was worth the time to stop and review my resolutions.
This year, I didn’t make concrete, measurable goals. Instead, I gave myself an outline.

~Finish my book.
~Spend more time in Africa and see a new country.
I’m happy to report a two-week work trip/vacay is planned for November, including a jaunt to Malawi for some much desired snorkeling.
~Speak Spanish more often.
After two weeks in Nicaragua and three weeks in South America this fall, double check.
~Be a better friend.
I’m working on it.
~Plot the next step in my international health career.
Well, there was the job in Sudan I applied for. This isn’t for lack of trying. Perhaps I’m just destined to be a novelist who writes about public health issues. La de dah. Wouldn’t that be nice?
~Learn a new craft.
Embroidery. I’m working on it.

There are plenty of other goals I’d like to accomplish in 2006. I’m adding a resolution addendum:
~Train and complete a half marathon
~Replace carpet in mi casita
~Plant a fall garden
~Bake a great loaf of bread for Thanksgiving dinner
~Start book #2
~Buy a tri bike, join a tri team
~Have friends over more often. Host small events and don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of throwing themed galas.
~Spend less time worrying about my appearance and more time admiring my surroundings.
~Be friendlier
~Slow down on the freeway.

How are you resolutions panning out?

Phew. That’s enough to keep me busy for a bit. Off to prioritize!