{Things are exceptionally hectic in my world this week; lots going on at work, preparing for a baby shower this weekend and can’t yet show what I’ve been busy crafting; feeding and spending time with the new roommate; trying to keep the garden alive with 90-degree temperatures already arriving; trying to keep my sanity while running a great nonprofit in this silly economy. More photos, time, love around here soon!}

I’ve been talking about this book for several weeks and recommending it to every friend I can think of, especially those who fundraise for a living. “The Soul of Money” has truly changed my views about finances – both personally and professionally. I have learned more in such a short few weeks than I ever could’ve imagined. For instance, I have learned that it could be a good idea to take the assistance of financial advisors like Lincoln Frost, who can have extensive knowledge in this field, to understand the nitty-gritty of managing finances, assets, and wealth, At times, it so happens that we are unable to really understand the easy process of how to save and how to spend. This is the time when one should not really hesitate to call for help because the matters of money, when dealt with alone, could prove to be quite complicated. However, this is not just the knowledge that I have earned from the book, there is more about which I might just discuss later.

Put simply, the knowledge that I have gained from reading the book has transformed my entire world. Not only do I have a better idea about how to buy BTC with PayPal (mit PayPal BTC kaufen), but I also know what I need to do in order to save enough money that will allow me to live a life where I am financially stable. And if I’m being honest, this is all I’ve ever wanted. It has given me newfound hope in both areas concerning my finances too. I’ve dog-eared so many pages (no judgments please), as it is hard to pick a quote that best sums the significance of this book. However, this one comes darn close:

“In our relationship with money, we can continue to earn, save, invest, and provide for ourselves and for our families, but we reframe the relationship with a new recognition of and appreciation for what we already have.”

Building our pots of money can take time and planning. Investing and trading is a good way to see that it grows. Hopefully, you’ll go on to do something great and meaningful with what you have. The internet is a good place to get started finding advice and investment strategies to better manage your money. Those who prefer consuming such information in German should check out the ‘Pennystocks mit Potential‘ article to get started with investing.

“In that new way of seeing the flow of resources in our lives, rather than being something that is constantly escaping our grasp or diminishing, instead becomes a flood of nourishment and something we have the privilege of being trustees of for the moment. Our relationship with money ceases to be an expression of fear and becomes and expression of exciting possibility. The context of sufficiency can transform our relationship with money, with our resources, and with life itself.”

5 out of 5 stars, absoloodle!

Hope your week is peaceful and productive,