my very own

Yep, awesomeness. (I’m stealing this from Barney.) Look what was waiting for me yesterday when I came home from work? Wrapped sweetly in a giant Zappos box with no return address or gift card — this anonymous gift is nothing short of thoughtful and awesome. Thank you kind friend!

On a different note, yesterday I visited a rock gym for the first time. It was a touch unsettling to see how high the walls were, and how unflattering the harnesses are, but when in Rome.

climbing swirly
Rock gym wall

I think I’m going to get the hang of this sport and make it a regular thing. I really enjoyed the mental and physical challenge. Plus, there are few activities like this where you can so objectively notice progress. The routes are all marked by difficulty. Watching the experienced climbers perilously pull themselves up and cheer when they mastered a new route was motivating. And really? Don’t I need a new hobby?


P.S. You know I wore the birdie bag to the rock gym! I may have been sausaged into a harness, but I had the cutest accessories.