Both Rachael and Ari asked me to share six strange things about myself in their meme. I enjoyed Ash’s post earlier this week where she she shared a handful of odd truths and one lie, having readers guess which was which. Alas, I guessed wrong. (Who’d have thought she’d considered being a phone sex operator! The girl’s got guts. She is African after all.)

In lieu of the strange, I’m sharing six of my favorite things. Some of you very well may find these strange.

morning routine

Time in the morning for reading, journaling and gathering my thoughts at the bagel shop. Multigrain, double toasted with pb on the side, and a tall cup of English Breakfast tea: the day can’t start much better.

brain candy

New magazines. I’m a magazine junkie. I read 5 a month, I’d guess. The Cottage Living came as a gift from Raesha. Thank you again!

joy of baking

Baking anything. These chocolate chip cookies came out flat, but were thoroughly enjoyed this morning by the bagel boys.

my garden

The three plants I haven’t managed to kill. The Ikea bamboo is easy enough. The begonia from my grandmother is hanging in and the rubber tree plant I’ve had for years. They seem to like the light from their perch on this table.

cooking for a sick friend

Cooking for people who enjoy eating. I have a friend recovering from major surgery. He’s hooked up to machines at home and can’t get around very well. He’s lost a ton of weight in the last few weeks, but these trays of lasagna and enchiladas should help.

new studies

Learning. I miss school! I took my first Portuguese lesson yesterday and it went well. I can’t wait to understand the basics. My tutor is a wonderful friend to boot.

What are your favorite things?