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Today I’m grateful for:

~My family and friends. In particular, I am very thankful for my family’s health. I think with loss, you can’t help but personalize and wonder, “What if that was my mom/sister/best friend?” I often let petty baloney make a mess of my relationship with my mom. In truth, she is the most important woman in my life and I couldn’t love her more. The things we don’t like about each other are the things we don’t like about ourselves. I am so thankful she is my mom, and even more grateful I have time to work on me. I can, and will, be better to her.

~ My faith. There is nothing that gets my head clear, my heart back at the right beat and my soul right like spending time in prayer. This week has provided ample opportunity. I always wonder what atheists think of the Holy Spirit? When I sit in meditation, I can’t help but feel the presence. I wonder if those who don’t believe in a faith feel this and ever wonder? Or if they read this kind of stuff and just roll their eyes. {I’m certain my brother is in that latter category. Hi Cody!}

~ Me time. I’m guilty of regularly overextending myself and giving less than 100% to the myriad of projects on my list. This week I’ve been saying no more often. It feels a bit strange to tell friends and colleagues that I can’t commit, but change is good. I had an invitation last night to attend the symphony. Instead, I curled up with a class of great red wine and my sewing box. I needed a break from debates, financial blabber, fancy clothes, etc. I just wanted to be at home in a t-shirt and sweats, eating a healthy dinner, listening to my iPod and sewing. I am so glad I listened to what I needed. I’m guilty of retreating when I am blue. This week I know I’m going to be hiding more than socializing.

~ This community. You’ve been incredibly supportive this week in particular. Please know how much it means to me. Thank you for your kind comments and email. I am forever thankful for these many friendships!