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Living in the present can be a challenge for me. I’m always working toward something and need to take more time to enjoy the moment at hand. Being present, enjoying the journey and not just the result, is a new practice. (Ha! A new goal. Oh, I’m hopeless.)

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I have read and re-read your visions for the future; unexpectedly, they’ve given me so much to smile about. Your words are a sweet reward for being honest about my dreams. Thank you again. I love that many of you are wishing for babies, traveling, going to school and being perfectly content with who/where/how you are are right this moment. You have much to teach me about living in the present.

fun to put together

In that thought, a few current observations:

~ An ugly downside to waking up early to workout during the week is that when I should be sound asleep, enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, I’m blogging at 6 am. You know you are up too early when one of your first thoughts is, “Can I nap today?” Why yes, yes I can.

Earthy greens

~ I rode Ruby 30 miles yesterday and am walking like a cowboy today. It was worth it. Being on my tri bike reminded me how much I love to ride distance. Scooting around town on Olive is much more comfortable, but nothing in comparison to clipping in, pushing through heart-racing mile after mile and being truly disappointed when hitting a yellow light and having to break the ride. I think my city rides are making me a more comfortable cyclist in general. I wasn’t nearly as nervous yesterday. While I can still hear the thud of hitting that damn sign — my body hasn’t entirely recovered still a year later — it feels good to just get back on the bike.


~That veggie class I took yesterday made me wish I’d studied horticulture. It also made me realize there is only so much I can do with my limited space and tiny condo. I’m going to plant a few container veggies this Fall with the hopes of planting their offspring in a lovely garden in a nice Tempe backyard next Spring. Have you heard of sunken beds in lieu of raised beds? Apparently the way to go when trying to grow veggies in an oven. Phoenicians, if you are looking for a sweet gardening blog, check this out. Also, the local Urban Gardening movement is rad. (If anyone is interested, I’ll share the details of what I learned yesterday. It was the first in four classes I’m taking this month in designing a successful veggie garden in Phoenix.)


~The documentary Axe in the Attic? Really bad. Watching it in a tiny art studio in downtown Phoenix with 50 other local movie folk? Really hip. Being eaten by bugs in a hot, stuffy art studio while watching a movie about Louisiana? Interactive.

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~Other downtown Phoenix loves from the weekend: Blue cheese and malbec at Cheuvront, vintage Ts at Conspire, Kim’s margaritas at Mi Patio.

Baby journals

Loving the present,