April 6, 2011


Last night I met the bowling goon squad for an early spin on the lanes; we’re scheduled to bowl this weekend, but everyone is busy. I’ve spent four years bowling with this group one Saturday a month. What began as Adam’s passion became a great way for a large crew of friends to come together for dinner and goofing around once a month. I am so very glad he talked us into this.

Adam Mack




Best game

I won’t be here for our final round next month. So while I threatened to cry last night, after yet another couple hours of alley debauchery and shenanigans, I did not. Instead, we rocked out, ate delicious cup cakes and giggled at the seriousness other mid-week bowlers take to the “sport.”

Mind over batter

That reeces one was my fave.

Mind over batter

Mind over batter

Mind over batter

Mind over batter

What were we dancing to? Well. One inside joke to share — once upon a time Adam and I were discussing Mariah Carey during bowling. He took the stance that all women find it disgusting that men think MC is good looking. I couldn’t have agreed more. This spun into Adam making lurid remarks about his love affair for Mrs. Cannon anytime he wanted me to bowl better. Because, for whatever reason, the thought of Adam and Mariah Carey, makes me bowl strikes. Regularly.

Fast forward a couple years when she gets married and is now pregnant with twins? Well. This week we were so blessed to see the ever so Klassy Mariah’s painted pregnant stomach on the web AND nude photos she’s posed for in her third trimester. I mean, if that doesn’t say sexy — what does?


Of course Adam brought his iPod and a special Mariah Carey play list last night. Because my friends’ senses of humor are so very, very funny and spot on. And of course Matt and Rebecca took the opportunity to slow dance when possible.

Slow dancing to Mariah

Bowling. Baked goods. Great friends. And damn it, even a little Mariah Carey. Life doesn’t get better.