Remember that begonia my grandma gave me? The one her father gave her mother when they were dating that some how still exists today? My clipping last six months or so before I managed to nuke it. My mom’s? Now a bush on their patio.

My mom can make just about anything thrive and grow. She’s the type to find a $.75 plant on the clearance rack at the grocery store and turn it into a state fair winning hybrid. Seriously. Her garden is so pretty, especially this time of year. She’s got a dozen different plants blooming, not to mention the variety of houseplants I found her watering and coddling. These are excellent additions to your homes for a number of reasons, by the way. I heard there were an influx of indoor plants brisbane area, but they are now everywhere due to everyone wanting them. So have a little look yourselves!

She is very nurturing, including the love she shows for The Favorite Child.
Exhibit A:

Dharma quilt

Dharma, the family pooch, has her own wall quilt/hanging. I have to say, it is pretty cute. I love the batiks and the fact my mom added little “D” dog tags.

Dharma, howling

Dharma does a LOT of howling, so this is pretty appropriate.

Mama and her favorite child

And if I haven’t mentioned, my mom is a quilting machine.

A few more quilts just hanging out on a shelf

These are a few of the hundred-plus quilts she just has hanging around their house. She is always working on at least two quilts and now seems to find time to help her girlfriends with their projects too.

One of my favorite quilts

I am not sure what it is about applique, but I love how delicate this quilt is. I’ve admired it for years and have a feeling it is soon coming my way. Yahoo! I had plans of hijacking her serger and canning supplies, but alas — they would not fit in my luggage. Instead I just dropped lots of hints about how nice it would be to have some canning supplies. And a serger.

Subtle, I know.