Green chile enchiladas

Radishes add a spicy crunch


Michelle Obama has very quickly become one of my favorite women in the news. I read an article about her the other day; when they say their dinner prayer she asks each person to mention a “rose and a thorn.” You can skip the thorn part, but the rose is mandatory. I can just imagine them sitting around some fancy table talking about their day. She also said she’s very respectful not to text her husband during the workday, but that she expects him for dinner if he is in town. I’d say that’s fair. She’s also fiercely protective of her girls, which I adore.

The example

My friend Eliza and I were talking the other day (perhaps while getting pedicures and reading trashy magazines with critiques of Michelle’s fashion) when I told her how upsetting it is to me to have someone so bright and living in the White House regularly relegated to the “what to wear” column. She’s a Harvard grad, for Pete’s sake — super successful in her own right and yet we seem to speak more about her love for J.Crew than her ability to gracefully manage a Presidential campaign, with two little girls and her own handbag full of ambition no less.

Eliza pointed out that while it is sad she isn’t being interviewed about her views on issues outside of what’s in vogue, it isn’t her duty. And thanks to her stylish ways, there is less space for the Hollywood tartlets who are much less deserving of the press. I can dig that. If talking about the First Lady’s tennis shoes keeps Paris Hilton farther away from my daily headlines, so be it.

Quinoa stuffed peppers

I could also write an essay or two about how amazing I think she is for being so accomplished and seemingly taking this huge change in stride with true grace. Rather than throw herself into the middle of the cabinet, she’s instead invited her mother to live with them and made the White House a home. And my God, if you didn’t feel butterflies during their first dance, something is seriously wrong with you. Of course, this is just what I’m getting from the press, but I’d be happy to report back with a first-hand account if ever given such an opportunity.  I’m hearing her lovely husband speak next week in Tempe — or “date with Barry!!” as it says in my planner — and so I have a few fashion suggestions for Mama Obama if she gets to come along on desert adventure:

mexican pintos

This white dress, with these great ballet flats (as a fellow Amazonian, I can relate) and this amazing bag in red. Oh, the bag. Since the speech will be outside, a hat and pair of killer sunglasses will complete the look. Mrs. Obama, it is so nice to have such a lady in the White House. Thank you!



*If ever given the chance, I’d love to cook for the Obamas. Then again, I love to cook for just about everyone. This week’s gifted meals include green chile veggie enchiladas for a coworker and my version of stuffed peppers. The magazine’s photo is much prettier, but these are yummy: quinoa, green chile and pepper jack cheese stuffed peppers with pintos. Ole!