A couple friends asked me to take photos for them this weekend. Baby Mya was born just more a week ago. I don’t have permission to post any additional photos, but I think you can see how tiny and sweet she is from this shot.

I love taking photos for friends, but I have to be very honest. I have no idea what I’m doing. I put my camera in automatic, shoot like mad and hope for something to come out that they can work with. My friend Amanda has taken photography classes, has a small country’s economy’s worth of fancy gear, and takes photos that turn heads. We had lunch yesterday and it was quite apparent I have absolutely no business ever making this an actual business.

elaina and nick

Which was quite alright for Elaina and Nick. They are getting married next summer and wanted engagement photos. It was such fun to get them to goof around and didn’t take any work to make them look at each other lovey-dovey.

elaina and nick

Beautiful, right? I am lucky that the models are so easy to work with! (and that I have another job)