Colorado Daisy

Yeah. I KNOW. The blog has been down for more than a week. Blame Dreamhost for their shaky service and poor customer service. Many thanks to Jason and Randy for resurrecting this baby.

{You guys are the best! Thank you, thank you.}

A couple things I learned in the last week:

1. While the idea of being a professional blogger sounds like a walk in the park, it is wildly apparent I know very little about how to keep this technology moving. There is nothing tangible to feed (other than payments for services out of my checking account). There aren’t any belts blown. Or engines needing oil. Though it may not be incredibly difficult for some to understand, I couldn’t do a thing for the last week other than answer your emails, texts and FB posts to say — YEAH. I KNOW. I’M SO FRUSTRATED.

I kinda felt like that damsel in distress in an old movie wearing great heels and a scarf in her hair, standing next to a 1954 cherry red convertible Thunderbird with smoke pouring out of the hood.

“HELP,” she whispered, her long long eyelashes batting like butterfly wings.

2. I really, really like to write and share via this space. When I can’t, I get cranky. I’ve got a bunch of posts to throw up in the next few days. Thank you for hanging in there with me. And thank you for your kind words of concern.

3, Have I mentioned lately how much y’all mean to me?