trying to play doctorita, entre rios

One of my favorite photos of the year. I’m at work in Bolivia, helping prep this woman for her surgery by our volunteer team.

It sounds silly, but I feel like I really celebrated life this year. I took great trips, spent time with loved ones, read more books than ever, listened to some great new tunes and reached one of my life-long goals of getting on the triathlon train. Okay, the triathlon training train.

~I taught my 80-year-old grandfather to email (Hi Pap!)
~I sat at the top of Machu Picchu
~I finished my first novel
~I threw a Prom party and actually talked all my girlfriends into wearing our old dance dresses out. To Macayo’s.
~I became friends with Ruby
~I finished my grandmother’s sweater
~I baked. And baked. And played frisbee and baked. And visited the bagel shop and baked. And then to celebrate it all? Yep. I baked a bit more.
~I rode a mechanical bull. Sober.
~I dove into the dating pool with gusto and learned a thing or two about myself in the process

I’ve loved this year and look forward to the adventures of 2007.
~I’ll see Italy
~I’ll write for a commercial magazine
~I’ll have my book published
~I’ll camp
~I’ll learn how to bead
~I’ll write my second novel
~I’ll learn Portuguese
~I’ll finish a 1/2 Ironman
~I’ll ride my bike or take public transportation to work once a week
~I’ll buy less and use what I have more

May you have someone to kiss when the ball drops (or if you are in AZ, when the giant tortilla chip drops),