Groceries for the community dinner

Tonight is the Fall return of the Community Dinner. My African travel saint is cruising through town to introduce me to his new girlfriend and I felt a party was in order. Thanks to my love of travel, my budget for such parties is always constrained. While I’d love to feed Spence and the dozen others who will come over tonight filet mignon, Malbec and foie gras creme brule, we’re having casseroles instead. Alma recently gifted me a lovely new casserole cookbook. Tonight’s menu: King Ranch Chicken, Cornbread & Black Beans and Apple Strudel.

$40 culinary alchemy

Apparently being thrifty is the new black. Who knew cheap could be chic? I was interviewed for an article in the Wall Street Journal this week discussing how the economy is changing our perspectives on spending. I love to entertain and cook for others. I also love to be able to pay all my bills. Thanks to a bit of pantry alchemy and smart grocery shopping, I’m pulling off this dinner for a dozen for $40. This doesn’t include alcohol, but does include dessert. Fingers crossed there is enough for everyone to enjoy!