A small diversion

Do these look like the heels of a woman who:

1. Preaches simplicity and has given away half of her belongings in the last six months?

A small diversion

2. Should not be acquiring new things, if for no other reason she is just about 7 feet tall in these things?

A small diversion

3. Had shock waves rammed into her foot Friday morning, fully embarrassing herself by crying and acting like a child in pain?

3a. Should be wearing tennis shoes with the ever-so-sexy orthotics?

A small diversion

4. Who rode her bike 10-plus miles* to the mall to buy them, after seeing them the day before — having regretted putting them back?

Or do these simply look like the heels of a woman who is complicated, contradictory and loves a great pair of shoes?

A small diversion



* Dear Drivers of the Greater Phoenix Area: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD — WATCH FOR CYCLISTS. The very little I cycling I do still terrifies me to no end by the complete and total disregard for cyclists on the roads. In three hours of riding, I was nearly hit 4 times. And by “nearly hit” I mean either I or the driver had to slam on brakes to prevent contact.

In the middle of the day.

When I was in the right.


{rant over.}