Community Dinner: 11-07-08

community dinner 005
community dinner 008
King Ranch Chicken
King Ranch Chicken
community dinner 014
Cornbread and black bean casserole
Cornbread and black bean casserole
That candle later caused a fire.

{This candle would later cause a small house fire. Thankfully I had a firefighter’s wife on hand to put it out and mop the floor in the process. Phew.}

The fire
The fire -- thank God for Amanda
Chips and salsa
Eliza and Ryan
Elaina and Spence
The Gang gets together to grub
Tyson gets seconds (thirds?)

15+ came, there was plenty of food, and thank goodness — no major fire damage.
Three cheers for community dinner and the new casserole cookbook!


P.S. Nanoblogmo — you can kiss my … blog. I’m going to DC for the weekend to attend the national green festival and you can’t tether me! No you can’t! Okay, maybe you can. But no promises. Two posts today = no post tomorrow when I’m traveling.
xoxo -kelli