I’m back to the routine, meaning I’m running, swimming and biking up a storm. There’s that 1/2 Ironman (woman) that I’m tackling in October and oh lordie. I just looked at the calendar. That sucker is 20 weeks away. My tri program? 20 weeks, meaning this week I need to get my butt in gear and get going on some serious training.
I’ve got 70.3 miles to tackle, after all.
My hips are sore this week after my morning runs on the canal. And my goggles laughed at me when I finally found them at the bottom of my gym bag yesterday. It had been so long they punished me for neglect by leaking the entire workout. And Ruby? Well, she hasn’t thrown me off lately. I’m still recovering from a nasty spill pre-trip when she got into an argument with a train track and my right side had to lay down the law. As in fall off my bike into a train track on my right side, during rush hour traffic, in the heat. Did I mention the cop that put on his lights to steer traffic away from the spectacle that was my bike/train track crash? What can I say? Ruby’s got a gingery attitude and she’s feisty.

This summer I am dedicating myself to two things:
1. Getting the best shape of my life and completing my 1/2 Ironman with every ounce of spunk I’ve got; and
2. Rewriting and editing novel #1 and resubmitting it to my literary agent friend. He isn’t my agent yet, but I’m convinced he will be one day.

Now, I’m off to research heart rate monitors, cycling computers and tri teams that won’t kill me, but will make get me in smoking hot shape come October when coincidentally I will also be making an appearance at my 10 year high school reunion. Why yes, this race timing is a great coincidence.

Any advice on tri gear? Limiting soda and booze? Replacing my morning bagel habit with a healthier oatmeal option? I’ll take all the advice and encouragement you’re willing to provide. {Putting Ruby up for adoption isn’t an option.}