I saw this piece of art in a shop this week in Denver. It is a big piece — something that would be excellent over a buffet in a formal dining room. I love it, although I’m not sure I love it enough to fork over a full paycheck.

When I wasn’t out gallivanting and looking for art, I ran across these:

A great reminder list for those writing from Pixar. This isn’t new but it is brilliant, and I read it every few months to stay on track.

This tree table runner. The simplicity of design, the color of the leaves and the precision of that free-hand quilting that make this project A+. I am newly obsessed with sewing trees.

Speaking of sewing, Quilt Dad is rad. I just purchased one of his scrap quilting books (Hello cute tree pattern on the cover!), and dig his willingness to be a dude in a female-dominated hobby.

Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook is a 5 out of 5 banana review. The photos, stories, and creativity in this cookbook are fresh. I’ve gone away from having a counter full of books in lieu of the photocopied Cooks Illustrated recipe, or more dangerously — recipes pulled up on my phone. But this cookbook will have a permanent place in my future kitchens. This week I whipped up her stuffed pasilla peppers as a side for a dinner party. Excellent!

And for those who love Africa, and need something to entertain them between Sunday’s viewing of Downton, may I recommend Wild at Heart? This British series about a family that moves to South Africa to run a game park is sweet, entertaining and animal lovers will delight in the variety of beasts featured. Plus, several seasons are on Netflix insta-stream.