Burpee seeds

I’m gardening. After taking those classes at the Phoenix Farmer’s Market with the Phoenix Permaculture group, prepping my tiny patio and using my planting calendar to pick seeds that will work this time of year — I’m gardening.

Pretty much the best gardening book around
Giant bag of Ph goodness

Coffee grounds to help with the pH balance of the soil. I am also asking my carpenter grandfather to whip up one of these compost bins for me. I see worms and lots of gorgeous veggies in my future.

Lots of composting...

I am hoping this process is much like sewing and baking — yet another hobby I’ve watched Finny use her cunning and cleverness to succeed. I mean seriously, is there nothing this girl can’t do? Have you seen her garden? I think asking her to send me a bit of her green thumb is not too much to ask. You hear that Finny? Send me some of your smarts already!

Thankfully I’ve got Staci in my own hood to help guide me through Arizona gardening. This woman is a pro. Not only does she homeschool five kids, she somehow manages do raise her own veggies to feed her army too. Yeowza. And Stephanie, who isn’t exactly in my hood, but close enough. The girl grows okra like you wouldn’t believe.

Pretty bush in my little garden
Gardening, day 1.

So, here we go. I’m throwing my hat in the gardening ring and hoping to eventually expand to chickens and some fruit trees. Not at this home, but the new one I’m still carefully saving my pennies for. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy beets, carrots, onions, garbanzo beans, cilantro and fennel in this little casita. Yet another step toward that sweet little cottage life I dream of. I’m thinking the dog is coming soon too. New Years?