Japanese frenchy

A friend in email this week asked me if I am nesting. I’ve never considered the fact that I love to cook, sew, knit, garden, etc… is my psyche’s way of saying, “NEST!” I figured it was more my brain’s way of saying, “Martha. God, I love that crafty bitch. She can do anything! Be more like her.” Either way, I’m back in full domestic-mode, including cooking up a feast for my Mexican get-away, finishing up some additional Frenchy Bags {pattern review: Brilliant. Amy continues to rock it!} sewing up some zippered pouches and stamping Fall stationery. There was also a bit of road trip activity planning: I rented Nacho Libre, got some new and old board games packed (Apples To Apples, SkipBo) and have a knitting project packed.

Slouchy Frenchy

I love this Mexico trip more than I can explain. We do absolutely nothing that is remarkable, and that in itself is what’s remarkable. I grew up with these six girls and if there is one word that describes each of us perfectly it is: overachiever. Or perhaps: hyper. To get us (and the better halves) in one place, on one beach for four days of nothing? Unbelieveable. Our Blackberries don’t work. We don’t have the Internet. We don’t have to worry about Petite Ya Yas and the furry four-legged children left behind. The only thing we think about is who has the pitcher of margaritas and is it time to put on another bikini? Plus, as you can imagine after the loss of Judy last week and the funeral this weekend, we all need a breather. We need time to sit, talk and just be with each other.

We take turns cooking meals and I’m sure will spend a time or two on the mechanical bull and Manny’s happy hour. I’ve been thinking of and planning for this trip for more than a year. I simply cannot wait to leave tomorrow. I am so glad we are still going; there was some question last week whether or not it would be appropriate to go, but once we all got together we realized we needed the escape. Everyone is still mourning, but at least we can go and be together. One of the beauties of living in Phoenix is we are just four hours from Mexico or 6 from Los Angeles. When you really need a salty beach get-away, it is easily within reach.

Three Frenchies resting on the couch
The Next  Sewing Project
Ebay, I love you.
Fall stationery gifts

So, if you see a crazy polka dot bikini girl running around the beach in Mexico this weekend (who only wishes she’d ordered the boobs with the suit), with an icy refreshment in one hand and a pair of knitting needles in the other, you know it could only by my goofy ass. I’m certain to return with a hangover, sunburn and belly full of guacamole. Here’s to hoping we find some healing hidden among the shells on the beach too. Hasta luego!