Easy peasy lasagna

Butternut squash lasagna for the boys — step by step in photos.


My house guests are providing me with hours of thoughtful conversation. They’ve just returned from a quick road trip to Las Vegas. Considering one lives in Malawi (one of the world’s highest birthrates and lowest life expectancies) and the other Australia (by way of Zimbabwe) — I knew a journey to Sin City would create a cultural commotion. I tried gently forewarning them — I think Las Vegas is a ton of fun for about 48 hours and then it becomes the city of everything wrong with humanity. They were shocked by the excess and awed by the lights, architecture and the water show at the Bellagio.

Blob of ricotta
roasted vegies
squash roasting

Jim wanted to know where all the water comes for the pools, resorts and golf courses? I laughed. Um, the Colorado River? I don’t know. I do know that water rights in this area of the US are a big deal and we are not nearly as respectful of our environmental limitations as we should be. His son Matt wanted to know how much the burlesque dancers make a night? I asked calmly, “Well, how much did you pay for the show? How much did you tip her? How many girls were there? Do the division.” They blushed and I realized that you can take the man out of Africa but he’s still a man. Generous cleavage in little dresses apparently have international appeal. Who knew?

garlic squashy goodness
naked squash
squash and garlic layer

It has been fun listening to their questions about this culture, home, nation. After visiting the grocery, Jim quickly determined the source of American obesity: too many choices. He wanted to know why we needed 45 types of sliced bread? Why would it require an entire aisle? Again, I didn’t have any answers. He said you should just go and get a loaf of bread and not have to sit an analyze a thousand options. It’s sensory overload. He might be on to something.

so geometric

They have both decided that golf courses in Arizona are fabulous, the roads are even better and it is obnoxiously hot here this time of year. Indeed. I think we’ve become equally entranced with each other as dinner company. They enjoy what I’ve been cooking and I’m loving the company. I’ll be sad when they go.

last layer pre-oven
Cheesy, crunchy top
Gratuitous side shot
Final shot pre-belly

And yes, other than the roasting of the veggies, this is certainly the easy way out when making lasagna. If I’d wanted to really knock their socks off, I would have made Finny’s Fabulous Sauce.