Media loves of late:

I have the LOST needle in my arm and am officially a junkie. I just cannot get over the twists and turns. This truly is the only television show I sit down for each week and I’m hooked to the point of being upset when things go awry. And on LOST, things go awry often.
{If you watched last night and want to talk about the episode, I’d love to hear your take on the closing scene. AY! The suspense!}

The new Modest Mouse. Love. Must buy. Also, my new musical crush — Robert Glasper. His interview on All Things Considered this week made me want to run out an buy everything he’s ever touched. Rarely do I feel so inspired — and never before by jazz. Oddly, his music reminds me of Radiohead. Anyone else?

Country Living subscriptions for $12.

Country Home subscriptions for $5.

A bookshelf threatening to topple with recommended reads. I’m currently reading that book at Starbuck’s with the kid from Sierra Leone. His writing style is starkly different from Janet Finch’s, but he is African and has a great story to tell. I’m being patient.

The April issue of Real Simple. SO good. Great articles, great design, nice photography. This magazine leads the pack month to month. Bravo RS!

Media misses:
The Easter issue of MSL. Oh Martie. That feathered egg tree? Awful. And your editor in chief is begging for a new photo. That head shot is awkward, odd and over used at this point. Get one of your crafty web designers to spruce her up a bit. They did a fantastic job with your new site.

The April issue of Country Living. Blah. You can, in fact, have way too many slip covers. I don’t care if you live in the south and have a plantation home. That doesn’t mean you should wrap the entire building in white canvas with teeny pleats at the corners and a giant bow on the back. Slipcovers are like fattening foods — best in moderation.

If this doesn’t make you a: laugh or b: want to become a vegetarian, there is a little bit of our soul missing.

C’est tout. A wonderful day to all!