Spring order from PaperSource

Perhaps I’m taking a cue from Mother Nature, with pollen in the air and warming temperatures — I am itchy for change. My wanderlust is thankfully being fed with tickets to Africa in May and South America in August. Yet in the meantime, my daily routine could use a good spring cleaning and an enlivened push.
There’s that quote about how insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results. If I want change, I’ve got to make it happen.

Currently in focus:

— Transferring ideas for novel #2 from Moleskin to laptop. In chapter form.
{Motivation: yellow couch.}

— Following up with literary agents about novel #1. Creating plan for new query letters.
{Motivation: handing my father my first novel.}

— Learning to bead.
{Motivation: beautiful turquoise purchased in Santa Fe.}

— Joining triathlon club.
{Motivation: a new pool of cute boys. And the chance to ride Ruby with others and practice my transition skills for the upcoming race.}

— Swallowing all desires to shop.
{Motivation: Buying that ticket to Italy with cash.}

— Watching significantly less television.
{Motivation: stack of books on nightstand patiently waiting for attention.}

— Creating something daily.
{Motivation: A new stationery order from Paper Source and a few other beauties that have my eye.}

What are you working on?