I got my own seal. WOO HOO

I’m a copycat, yet again. My buddy Martie featured awesome stamped seals on her homemade jams in the December issue of MSL. I thought, “If Martie can have a seal, why can’t I?” I shot a few ideas to a crafty lady with design prowess and soon enough — I had an image I thought was just right. {Colleen must have had the same idea. She’s rocking the seal too!}
Speaking of Martie, tell me you saw this clip of her giving it to Lindsay Lohan on Friday’s show. Hilarious! It isn’t every day you see a former convict lecturing a 20-something about how to behave. Good thing they were in the kitchen because Pot and Kettle collided.
That said, LiLo — shape up. Rehab one month, a 21st birthday in Vegas the next. You are just too darned cute to act this way.