March 2010

It was a busy, fun month with time for friends. With the rain we’ve been having, it seems the desert is celebrating the new season too. Every tree, bush and flower in Phoenix is in bloom and the wildest of colors are on display. I feel like we are having one last hurrah before the weather gets sassy.

And oh, the hilarity in getting marching papers in March. Someone laugh, please.

what next?

I’ve spent more time this week navel gazing than I’d care to admit. I appreciate all the kind words about my positive outlook on being suddenly without a job. I paint a pretty rosy picture when in truth, there have been more than a few tears in the last few days. So, I’m doing everything in my power to keep myself from sliding into a pit of self-pity, including wearing bright colors and slapping a smile on my face.

And oh, the platitudes. I know these things are true — that I’ve got what really matters in life. A family I adore. Good health. Faith. And again with the statistics: as a 30-year-old woman with several degrees, a saving account and little debt, I’m in a tiny slice of the percentage pie of women internationally. I know I’m lucky. Hell, I’ve worked and lived with too many women here and abroad to not be reminded of my blessed reality each morning when I wake up safe in my comfortable suburban home.

I get it. I’m still upset and really damn sad. So, I called in the expert — my mama, who reminded me: Donley ladies don’t wear wallow or pity well. We’re much prettier in determined and tenacious.

So noted, Mama. So noted.

A new month. New possibility. Plenty of time to consider the next step. Here is hoping April brings bouquets of flowers, abundance and happiness to us all.