age old graffiti

I can imagine hikers in the Rockies years ago, love sick and without Facebook/Twitter/Blogs/Cell phones/Texts to embarrass themselves with emotion. Instead, trees and bark met the need.

There are fields of Aspens on the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff that are equally marked by passersby. Story goes, Spanish shepherds marked the trees as they watched the clouds and time float by. I can imagine them dreaming of their gorgeous Penelopes left behind, carving their initials and hope into trunks, wishing for a bridge over the sea between to bring lovers back together.

Today I attended Grant UMC in Denver — a reconcilation congregation with some of the most welcoming folks I’ve ever met. From heavy, old pews lined with maroon velvet, we sang and worshipped with “peace,” “love” and “anyone and everyone” banners hanging near centuries old stained glass. There is nothing more loving, or Christ-like, than such acceptance and compassion. I am honored I stumbled upon the church during a walk yesteday and managed to find my way back today.

Love, like truth, always wins.