Did you know I studied broadcast journalism because I wanted to be the Spanish announcer for the Phoenix Suns? Yeah. That didn’t really work out. Regardless, I’m still a Suns fan, although one with fair weather tendencies. Truly I don’t pay a lot of attention to professional sports these days. But you’d have to have your head in the sand in Phoenix to not be wildly in love with the Suns this year.
Plus Steve Nash looks much cuter with short hair, not that he asked me.

Cody, cute

My brother Cody is a huge Suns fan. (Seriously? Look at the lame orange bracelet. This is a boy who is rather metro and yet he wears an orange Suns plastic bracelet.) We went to a game together a few years ago and I bought him one of those giant orange foam Phoenix Suns Gorilla fingers — which is now hanging in his bedroom in Denver. Oy, he loves the Suns. He even kept up to date with the fantasy basketball rankings of his favorite team.

amare, head turn

So much so that this is his dog, Amare. Cody and one of his college roommates adopted Amare from the Tucson pound 4 years ago. When Cody came home for Thanksgiving, we drove to Tucson in part so he could see his pooch — who still lives with the former roommate.


This dog went ape-shit when he saw Cody. Or gorilla-shit, one might say in this case. Regardless, go Suns!