I have a new love of my life, and her name is Lola.

lola kit


Oh, I’m pretty sure little girls don’t come any more perfect. She is adorable! I am visiting my parents in Texas this week and thankfully had a chance to see my cousin Dax. It has been far too long since we’ve seen each other. Lola is his sweet little girl. Lola, Dax, his wife Jessica, my parents and I all met for pizza today. I was so nervous to see him — it has been 16 years. But we picked up just where we’d left off. I have so many fond memories of us as children and I’ve truly missed him. It is a delight to see him as a daddy and a husband.

Omg with the cute

Like all of the other wee ones in my life, I promptly scooped up Lola and said, “Don’t worry about remembering my name. You’ll know that soon enough. For now, just remember I’m your favorite Auntie.” ( Second-cousin Kelli doesn’t sound as fun.)

The fam

Mama, Papi, Lola, Dax and Jessica.

I don’t have a lot of family, so to have these new members makes my heart swoon. I cannot wait to start making her sweet little outfits and spoiling her rotten with books and art supplies. That is what favorite aunties are for. Right?