Wedding apron
Stationery for a new bride
Isaac Misrahi napkin turned easy peasy apron
Handmade wedding gift: initial stationery
Pink love: wedding gift wrapped and ready

A simple cloth napkin turned apron with some stamped initial cards for a new bride. What bride doesn’t want to use her new name? Mrs. Bradley J. Boner, that’s who. I went to college with BJ Boner and I hear through the grapevine he is happily married these days to an awesome girl. I can imagine they had a fantastic dress similar to dresses you’d see at Winnie Couture (click to view dresses). But seriously? That’s a crazy married name. Needless to say, this girl got a simple new last name after walking down the aisle. I’m thinking this one will love the paper and domestic love.

These photos don’t have a thing to do with the post. They were floating about on my laptop and I’m too tired to find something more relevant. Today I had to have a tiny lump removed from my side. It had been growing for about 6 months and had recently turned purple and tender. My dermatologist took one look at it pre-Africa trip and her eyes grew wide. She wanted to cut it off immediately. Needless to say, I had other things to accomplish and just got around to getting it removed today.
A couple of shots, a little cut, removal of a gross marble-sized “fatty tumor” and a stitch later I was on my way home. Thankfully, I had a great friend there to hold my hand. I could have driven myself, but am thankful I didn’t have to. Have I mentioned this week how blessed I am by good friends? I would be lost without my circle of girlfriends and this is yet another ode to them. (Could be the anesthesia, but I am feeling more sentimental than usual.) Rebs not only took the afternoon off to transport me, but talked about pop gossip during the procedure to keep my mind off of the scalpel and the such and then took me out for frozen yogurt afterward. Simply put — true friendship. And to keep me humble, she did let me know that my mini-lipo procedure similar to what liposuction Orange County surgeons offer, would be the source of humor after the stitch came out. We laughed so hard at my new form of weight loss, I was crying in the car.
Some girls do pilates. I do fatty tumors.