If the world was invaded by martians, I’d be the one laughing hysterically. Apparently having too much to do gives me the giggles. Today when work email was threatening to get up and walk off,  looking for more attention from another owner, I sat back and laughed. And with my current voice — think emphysema meets pollen — I sounded a bit like a hoarse blues singer with a case of lunacy.

There are some things I can manage and others I cannot.  Being kind to my neighbor vs. world peace, for example. The pantry? Oh, I can completely master this. As part of the CRAFT 09 along, this baby will be reorganized.  I’m thinking message/grocery board, new canisters, purging cookbooks and getting rid of all those dang jars. Here is the disturbing before photo:

Pantry -- BEFORE

How was I able to take such a shot from such a tiny room? Sitting on the dryer of course:

Sitting on the dryer

Hope your week is going well!