I’ve got new music on my iPod, Chacos on my feet and curiosity in my backpack. I’m out of here!

Happy faces
Rebecca plays with the baggies

Amanda and Rebecca helped me pack up the few remaining boxes this week. I was a bit relieved when they got choked up in the process. It reaffirmed that I’m not the only sap.

A final estimate of the Mozambique goody bag project: 500! Some 200 of them are packed between the three of us and ready to go. The others are in my studio closet and will be delivered to South American in the Fall. Thank you again!

Hopefully I’ll post mid-week from Beira, Mozambique. I will be out in the bush for most of my stay, so checking in will be hit or miss. Yet another time when I am convinced this man should be my boyfriend. Hello! With that tool belt I could upload photos from the moon. I could also watch the LOST finale. Gratefully I’ll give up both to go play with the wee ones at the orphanage and introduce two friends to a place I truly love: Africa.