Sweet African rock

Just goes to show you, you can take the girl out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the girl. Look what I found one morning walking along the beach in Mexico? I was looking down, listening to a podcast and enjoying the crisp morning weather when voila! Africa jumped out from the other rocks and caught my eye.

Africa en Mexico

Of course I turned around on the spot and carried that baby back to the condo to photograph my find. First I showed it to Jason to see if I was just crazy. But he looked at me and said, “Dude. That’s Africa.” Dude. It is!

Things making me happy this week:

~The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. What a weird, fun and great read.

~ October weather. Cool air, sleeping under quilts, walking to work and not arriving sweaty. Pumpkins everywhere. If we had trees, the leaves would be falling. (Okay, Phoenix has a few trees, but they aren’t natives.)

~Gangplank. I attended the lunch meeting today on sales and it was great. Nice work Aaron! I look forward to future events. Plus, it was really fun to finally put faces to the avatars I’ve chatted with on Twitter. Weird meeting virtual friends in person. This is a crazy, techie world we live in and it made me uncharacteristically bashful.

~ Fostering a pup. I’ve decided to foster a great dane. The peeps from the rescue agency are coming by this week for the interview, which means the Aussie and I need to do some housecleaning, STAT.

~ Spending quite a bit of time thinking of my future professional plans. I’ve got some big ideas I’m working on and hope to develop. Do you think Macy’s needs a linen’s designer? Hmm…

Hope your week is also going well,