The Asantes

Em and John got married this weekend at the Four Seasons in Puerto Vallarta. I feel lucky just to have been there. With a small handful of family and friends, they said their I do’s under a setting sun on a sandy white beach. The wind blew long white satin ribbons strung from the palm trees. The aisle was strewn with rose pedals; white candles flickered and floating in small glass bowls scattered around the ceremony. A family friend stood in as their officiate, peppering their vows with funny and sweet stories of their childhood. Other family friends read their advice for long, loving marriages. Em and John couldn’t take their eyes off of each other — as if no one else was in attendance. I will never be able to describe the look on his face when he first saw her. It was all incredibly perfect.

~An adult pool where they bring you little samples of their alcoholic drink of the day, and come by to spritz you every so often with Evian. No kidding.
~ Free snorkeling gear and a hotel sea lion that swims with guests. Seriously.
~ Mariachi music. I’m such a sucker for an awesome mariachi band. Pair this with an open bar and my newfound favorite drink — the mango mojito — and you’ve got one silly maid of honor channeling Elaine on the dance floor.
~ A ceviche station at the reception. So glad I still eat fish. Yummy, yummy fish.
~ A sushi station at the wedding dinner. See above.
~ Fascinating people watching. From the couples mismatched by several generations leading everyone to wonder if the man preferred “sugar daddy” vs. “pervert,” to the Brazilian model sorts who looked enviously at our table at every meal. We truly savored every meal. We in turn looked a touch green afterward when we lay bloated by the aforementioned adult pool and Miss Brazil frolicked about in dental floss. Sushi vs. string bikini? No contest — I’m going with the fish. I’m an eater and frankly, I’m okay with that. How you like them mojitos?
~Hotel rooms stocked with truffles, fruit baskets and luxury bath products — all of which could be enjoyed in a tub the size of my entire bathroom at home. I could have done laps.
~ The fact Em and John embraced the Hollywoodization of their names and gave everyone wedding favors with their new moniker attached — Jemily.

the girls2

In the midst of all this craziness, I thought more than once the hotel staff was going to knock on my door and say, “There has been a mistake. You are here to work at the wedding, not partake. Here, fold these towels.” I felt a touch out of place among this crowd, but by day four I was right at home and wishing I could own one of those cabanas with complimentary pool boys. We all agreed if Em and John had decided to wed among the trees in Flagstaff with a potluck picnic and a boom box, they would have looked at each other the same way. But, there was something about the extravagance of this weekend that none of us will ever forget.

Punta Mita in a few photos:

view from the beach
one of many downed
morning walk
Em and Kelli
a beachy view
jelly fish detail2

Congrats you two. May we all find such love!