Fetish for bowls

Ikea, Martha Stewart, Target. Thoughtful gifts from friends, feeding my cooking frenzy.

If I have a kitchen fetish, it’s bowls. Maybe the word fetish is too strong, since my affection for bowls is not all that comparable to anything you’d be likely to find on a website such as https://www.hdpornvideo.xxx/?hl=ko, but there’s definitely something about bowls that just make me keep going back. I have so many bowls in different shapes and sizes. I love to buy the oddly shaped, fire-glazed ceramic bowls at the local art fairs. I bought three giant bowls from a potter when I was in the Philippines and use them regularly. I also love to buy interesting bowls at thrift shops and fill them with goodies to give. I don’t believe your dishes need to be match-matchy, obviously.
{Also, one of the only possessions my grandmother brought when she immigrated to the US was an old yellow ceramic bowl/crock. I’ve had my eye on that sucker for years. It’s now in my mama’s kitchen and she regularly reminds me I’ll have to pry it from her after death. That’s fine. Cody can have the Hummels. I want the bowl.}

Oh Martha
Sweet gift

Imagine my delight last night when I came home to find a giant FedEx box on my doorstep. Inside contained a new red bowl, cookie scoop, cookie sheet and container full of homemade Cowboy Cookies. I kid you not.

Awesome care package on a day I needed it
Cowboy cookies are pretty close to heaven
Cowboy cookies
Cowboy cookie

This week has been nutty, at best. Yesterday was one of those days so laughably horrific that I thought the writers from “How I Met Your Mother” were going to pop out and Barney would say, “Wow, with the awesomeness.” As I was considering brownies or wine for dinner, instead I came home to find homemade cookies on my doorstep (and decided to have all three!) It was like the universe was giving me a much needed hug and I took it with full force and giant glass of milk. So, thank you Kathryn. You have no idea how much I needed chocolate and a kind deed. You, simply put, are awesome.

Brownies in the making
Why my mom hated it when I cooked at her house
Using my new bowl

I wasn’t kidding about the brownies. They were gobbled up at the gym, bagel shop and now the office this morning. My little home smells like dark chocolate and cardamom heaven.

Wishing you lots of sweets awesomeness this Halloween,