come on july!

I’m traveling this week, and it couldn’t come at a better time. June has been, well, interesting. In the last month:

  • Concussion from hitting my head at Ikea
  • Gave away my boyfriend’s scooter
  • Rear-ended a lady in traffic
  • Hit my head hiking
  • Had screens made three times, because for the life of me I can’t seem to get the measurements right. And when I finally got the screens in place? Well. They blew out during the first storm. In turn, I said a lot of swears. They are now propped up in the living room. And I’m sleeping with bugs.
  • Have ground my teeth during record-breaking heat, with a second-story bedroom and no AC
  • Missed two scheduled monthly blogs — both the sew-along and the fashion post
come on july!

So! Guess what? Rather than roll around in that mud, let’s move on to sweeter pastures. July is looking like June’s much prettier, younger, kinder sister. She’s bringing:

  • A chance to get away to Wyoming
  • Time with my dad and brother
  • Time to write — I’m rewriting novel #2. Have I mentioned this? Nailing POV this time around.
  • Chickens! They arrive July 13th
  • AC! Time to buy a small portable unit
  • Screens! Time to hire a handyman for a few projects around the house, including building the coops
  • Magic Mike. Need I say more?
  • Okay, a bit more: Olympic swimming. Best. Tv. Ever.

Breathing deeply and doing my best to remember that these things are all minor in the scheme of life. My family is healthy and happy. I can’t ask for more.

Here’s to hoping your summer is taking a turn for the better!