I like having journals around — to collect prayers, notes, and odd observations. Sometimes they are filled with grocery lists. Pretty much all of them end up unfinished because I get distracted with the bright and shiny of a new journal!

New year, new paper, new start. A few I created this week as gifts for friends:

Journal for Bruce

For Bruce, who is traveling regularly to Africa, doing amazing work. I used an old almanac to include geography text on the back:

Bruce journal, back

Journal for Julene

A birthday gift with a bit of Heather Bailey flare.

Journal for Dana

For Dana, a PhD student in Forestry and birthday girl. I finally had a chance to use this patch, which I’d been holding on to for years in my sewing box:

Badge for Dana

Journal for Tina

It scratched a creative spot in my brain to use different materials — sewing cardstock, vintage trim, fabric, paint, stamps, hot glue. I’m trying to make more time to for this type of play; doing so simply makes me happier and more patient.