We are preparing to go on safari for the next couple of days, and I don’t have time to write much. But oh goodness, the stories I have to tell from this crazy week! A preview:

Limbe Country Club

Jack fruit

Breakfast fruit

garden creatures

Tea fields

I see Africa

Golfing with the boys at the Limbe Country Club (including Lucky, the barefoot caddy) :: jackfruit + jungle walks :: mulberries + stocking a Malawian pantry :: snails + nannying :: tea fields :: africa! or gum tree bark. Your choice.

Not photographed: the incident of the rabid dog in the night (aka, the time Matt screamed for guns + ran into the darkness with a loaded shotgun), lightning bug drive, the incident of the wild animal sneaking in the kitchen window, the British tea girls visit, the gorgeous Indian doctor, and Isidingo!