This week’s goals:

~Frog current knitting project
~Try new recipe
~Make plans to see the Weston show this weekend
~Make plans to see Chihuly public display in Glendale
~Swim 6000M
~Cycle 50 miles
~Run 15 miles
~Work on vision journal
~Start new book, blog about recent reads
~Get friends to burn me new music. Specifically I want some of the Stars. Have you heard them? Love.
~Harvest prickly pear for next jars of renewal project
~Research Mexico bikinis; 6 weeks and I’m on vacation with the Ya Yas. Option A. B. C., and I just bought D.

Man, we are going to have so much fun.

~And, finally, I need to speak up about this nonsense. Since when is “Women having too much on their plate to be also good in business” and new twist? Give me a break. I’m not a (grandma) Palin supporter, but no one is questioning her husband and if he is able to keep up with his career with their five kids. Stop trying to keep women tethered by an apron; we can kick ass in the oval office and bake a mean lasagna. Don’t be frightened by our mad multi-tasking abilities, you fools. And save your newsprint for something worthwhile, like how these candidates are going to change global warming, do something about starvation in Africa, help slow the HIV epidemic, improve education in the US, etc. I do not care that a 17 year old in Alaska didn’t use a condom. How can this possibly be a topic of conversation when discussing the leadership of this country? Are you kidding me?
(If you really want to pick on Palin, let’s start with the fact she’s still got PTA president on her resume and is a gun-toting nut. I’m fine with that criticism. But her kid is not fair game.)

Geez. Bikinis and a NRA tirade. Never know what you’re gonna get around here. Huh?