{Update: I’m an idiot and posted the wrong project. Eek! Finny selected the BEDSIDE ORGANIZER AND EYE MASK — NOT THE BATHROOM CADDY. Oops, my bad. Read on.}


Dear Finny,
Have such a good time skiing this weekend! I am slightly envious. As you know, I don’t really do snow, but I love me a lodge! Anyway, I hope you have lots of fun with your hubby on the slopes.
When you get back, we’ll have to chat more about the projects you have selected for the February In Stitches theme: the bedside organizer and the eye mask. Ooh la la! Just think how fancy my bed will look when I get all my magazines and pens and journals and stuff organized. Schweet. And that eye mask? Did you know that there is a rather annoying street light just outside of my bedroom window and four nights out of five I sleep with a pillow covering my face? An eye mask seems much more Jackie O — and therefore, I’m in love.

And so it is announced: the February In Stitches theme is: the bedside organizer or the eye mask (or both for the ambitious sort) with a bit of embellishment. Spice these babies up with ribbon, buttons, embroidery, stamping, etc…

January In Stitches Winner

Now, on to other news. Guess who the winner is for the January document duvet project? Selected at random was Mrs. Rachael. Bravo! Aren’t you impressed with how these ladies took on this document duvet? Wowza!! Love the variations and the creativity that came through. Nice work to you all! Rachael, your prize will be in the mail pronto.

Happy weekend Fin!