Dear Finny,
I was thinking we’d rock the Amy Butler clutch for the March assignment. What do you think?


With or without the cute flower pin, I like this bag. Plus, it will totally work when I am on my way to work, but don’t want to haul my Timbukt2 bag into the bagel shop. Voila! I little clutch hidden within the work bag that I can easily grab to pay for my morning carb/coffee addiction. Yes, that would be a bag within a bag. Yes, I do have an obvious handbag addiction too.

March In Stitches Project

Theme: make it your own. Perhaps you don’t like to carry your pocketbook. You want a bag. Add a strap! Change up this pattern to meet your needs and add a little spring to your step with a sweet new bag for the warming weather. (Or for you southern hemisphere folks, the cooling weather.)
I’m thinking pink. I’m in a very pink mood. What is that all about?
Glad to hear your hooves are feeling better Finny. Soon enough we’ll be running together on vacay. Woo hoo!


P.S. Do you think we should explain the Finny/Donk nicknames at some point?

P.P.S. We’ve got to pick our random winner for February and mail her some goodies. Don’t forget to drop your project photos in the Flickr pool. Did you see how many awesome projects have been submitted? WOW!