Remember those 2009 resolutions I set two months ago? In an accountability measure, I’m checking in to see how things are progressing.

Olive Oil -- the greenest, sweetest ride in town

  • The novel published.   Nope. Haven’t done a darn thing. Not sure what my road block is with this. I want it more than anything and yet the rejection stings with a wicked vengeance.
  • A new sew-along with Finny.   Check!
  • More than a dozen meals cooked from those new cookbooks. Check!
  • 60 books read.   Not so much. I’ve read 10 or so this year, most of which I haven’t finished. I get 100 pages in and if I’m not loving it, I move along.
  • 1500 miles on the bike. Chris rides 500 a month. My friend JT rode 2400 last year. I can do this! Ha! Haven’t been on my bike in two months. Must pump up tires pronto!
  • Less TV watching. (This is actually a pretty easy one since my TVs soon won’t work.) Yes! Haven’t watched TV in weeks, actually.
  • More time being social. Indeed.
  • Giving Ultimate another shot. Yes. On a team, having a great time so far.
  • Giving dating another shot. Yep. Doing this too.
  • Taking yoga and pilates regularly. No. There is a new studio near my house but the extra $30 a month isn’t happening at the moment.
  • Resisting buying new and instead rocking what I already have. Yes. I am trying. Although this dress is calling my name.
  • Learning to sew a dress. This is my dream dress to sew. Thankfully Colleen found me a great pattern to work from. I may just try this.
  • Learning to hand quilt. Not yet, but I have a planned project for this and it involves a wedding and a quilt.
  • Learning to knit a pair of socks. With Zarah coming to town this weekend, I think I’ll get this checked off sooner than later. My own personal lessons!
  • Scheduling and running a couple more 1/2 marathons. Hmmm… haven’t scheduled anything, but would like to run the YMCA 1/2 in November and the Tucson 1/2 in December.
  • Giving my trainer and his new eating plan a fair shot. Doing it. And it is absolutely incredible. Loving my new-found physical strength and my clothing fitting much nicer.
  • Having my blog redesigned and expanded. To be announced soon!

How are your resolutions progressing?