Dear Fin,
Man, what were we thinking when we decided to organize this monthly In Stitches sewing project? I suppose I was thinking no month should have just 28 days, that’s what. I make procrastination look good, and in February’s 30th day (or March 2), I managed to finish the easy part — the eye mask.

CAOK for Judy

This is for my friend Judy, who similar to Rex, is also kicking cancer’s ass. She is finishing up with chemo this week and we are all rooting for quick recovery. I’m telling you, if anyone could ever make chemo look glamorous, it’s Judy. She wears beautiful silk pajamas and head scarves in the hospital. Has her room decorated with origami cranes. Reads with leisure and sips coffee while counting down the seconds until she gets to go home. To make the process a bit more bearable, I made her the eye mask. She also wanted a velcro pouch for her cell phone and keys. Viola.

velcro key and cell phone pouch

You’ll notice I took the same kindergarten-macaroni approach you did and threw on some buttons to meet my embellishment theme for the month. I actually love these little purple buttons and I think they add the appropriate amount of flare. The quilting was a bit tricky, but once I decided I didn’t care if the lines were exactly 1 inch apart, it came together nicely.

What didn’t come together at all was the bedside organizer. First off, how is it that I didn’t realize this pattern intended to make an organizer on both sides of the bed? HELLO! I do not need my sewing reminding me of the fact that no one has slept on the other side of the bed in quite some time. My grandparents? Yes. My boss? Yes. The men at the bagel shop who ask if I am ever getting married? Yes. My sewing projects — NO. So, I am in the process of cutting this project in two. I figure I’ll keep half and send half to my grandmother in Pennsylvania who also loves being single.

Where I got lost on the bedside organizer

Now, back to the project. See here in step 6 where it says line up the raw edges of the sides and bottom of the random pockets? I swear I cut these out to the right sizes, but obviously the sides don’t match up. Can anyone help me with this?

random pockets don't line up

I’ll post the March project today! Thank you for your patience and the fact that I am late, late, late with these lame results.