Perfection 2

I came home last night to find a DHL box on my doorstep. When I looked at the return address, I shrieked!
It was from The Smitten Kitchen.
Several months back, I emailed Deb and asked for her mailing address. After following her New York City blog about cooking and being a newlywed, I wanted to include her in CAOK. I had an apron and some chocolate that were headed her way. I’m sure with some hesitation, she gave a complete stranger her address and the rest is history. She was a happy recipient and asked what I’d like in return.
In all honesty, I told her not to send anything. (Not the point, right?) In all fairness, I would love a place setting at one of her dinner parties. Deb’s site is one of my favorite culinary delights. Her photos make it all worth while, where even the simplest produce looks fantastically delicious. Do you have a favorite cooking magazine or TV show where you constantly drool over what they are making and so wish you could be there just for a taste? When she made her hubby homemade Oreos a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but comment. My. God. Did those look good.
Well, guess what? They taste pretty damn good too. Wish fulfilled.


Step one to the 10 pound weight gain: grab your camera and photograph evidence.

The first one hits the dust

Step two: inhale first cookie.


Step three: promise to run a few extra miles each day for the next month, because oh my God are these so worth it.

Step four: pour yourself a large glass of skim milk and dive in. (Skim of course, in the same wonky way people order Diet Coke with their super sized Big Macs.)

Step five: reassure yourself that these aren’t crack, even if you can’t wait to get your hands on the next batch.

Step six: unbutton top of jeans.

Step seven: breath freely and dance about in a sugar-induced state of euphoria.

Thank you again Deb. Such a sweet treat!