Notice: all yummy enchiladas made with Hatch chiles, Dungeness crab and loaves of sourdough bread beware. I’m headed your way and as always, AfricanKelli is a hungry dame.

I’m off to New Mexico tomorrow and then to San Francisco for a few days. I’ll be seeing the lovely Finny and her hubby Andy. They are two of my very favorite people on earth and if I haven’t taken credit for it in the last 20 minutes, I set them up. You didn’t know I was a yenta in my free time, did you? Granted, they are they only success I have, but it is a happy marriage indeed. Check out her garden. We are so knitting here.

I’m trying to focus on the long walk through Golden Gate Park I’m going to take Sunday afternoon and not on the fact I have to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. Oy. That’s early even for moi, queen of the early morning. Also, in between adventures I’ll be celebrating the much deserved new shiny graduate degrees of Alma and Rebilou. Woohoo!

See you at the Old Navy flagship store. (You know, the one that is slightly off color and shoddily made, but so cheap you can’t help but think, “Huh. It’s worth it. And where is Indonesia?”) Or Pier 39 for ice cream. Or one of the many art museums I love to troll when visiting the peninsula. Or better yet, Scrap! I’ll be the one freezing my ass off and wondering why it is so damn cold in San Francisco in May, flirting with the trolley men and knitting in the park. And where knitting in the park may be a strange act in Phoenix, there are much stranger things happening in this cultural hub.



P.S. Look who turns 72 today! The infamous British grannie.