Hippity Hop to Present Technology

Goodbye Rabbit Ears

So I was wondering how I could get internet in my home. Eventually I looked online and found sites like satellite internet now which really appealed to me. I had been thinking to myself for a really long time that I really ought to jump on this internet band wagon, and had been told it was worth it! However I finally got in contact with an internet man and he talked me into cable and internet at home. It seems like everyone has internet in my area of town so I may as well join the crew! Who knows what we’ll discover… I must say, the internet so far is pretty awesome, as are the cooking channels and my new-found access to Whale Wars.

The golf channel

Internet? On the COUCH?

He did a victory lap after the cable man left, sitting promptly in front of the tv with the golf station whispering away. It was almost like my home was protesting the change. The poor cable man had to drill nearly a dozen holes in a variety of external in internal walls before he could finally get things straight. The price is minimal when split, but I’m truly hoping this doesn’t change my way of life. More reading, less tv is going to be significantly harder now that Paula Dean is in my living room. I know I’m going to end up watching more television, it’s pretty inevitable. One of my friends even sent me the latest cable tv data statistics 2020 report that showed us that the majority of American households have television sets. The statistics even showed us that people spend a lot of time watching their cable tv every day. Hopefully, that won’t happen to us! I’m hoping to just watch the television for a short amount of time every day.

Who knows? With this new entertainment and the ability to immediately post photos, I was submerged in creativity, completing a handful of projects:

To be decked

Winner t-shirts



Beep beep

Those T-shirts for the commenting winners

Baby Owen Quilt, bound

Baby Owen Quilt, back

Baby Owen Quilt

The quilt for baby Owen, including hand stitching the binding. Wrapped, delivered and received with happiness. That sweet boy will be here soon!

Mary Bag

Mary Bag

Mary Bag

Mary Bag

And a new bag with bamboo handles. Last week, when having lunch at a nice restaurant downtown meeting new donors*, I saw a woman come in with a simple floral bag with bamboo handles. The bag looked so nice and classic. I knew I could recreate it; $6 and one hour later, I have a thank you gift for the weekend’s fundraising caterer. I’m looking forward to purchasing more bamboo to make a series of summer bags in this fashion.


*During this meeting (with a Senator and his lovely wife, no less) I managed, in a move only I could muster, to step just right when leaving the restroom and catch my sandal. It snapped, leaving me with one shoe 2 minutes before the lunch started. Nothing says, “Welcome Senator! Now, please consider giving us money!” like the blushing, barefoot girl. Help me Rhonda, I hope they were looking at my smile and not at my sole.