I made it home safely to Phoenix yesterday, after circling above the city for an hour, waiting for a severe dust storm to clear. When I made it outside the airport, the warm weather and scent of pending rain embraced me like a mother who’d found her misplaced child.
New Mexico was lovely. The obesity conference I attended was nothing short of fantastic and Marion Nestle is officially my new public health hero. Without blabbing too much, let me just say Dr. Nestle is smart, dedicated and changing the way Americans eat. I think I have a professional crush of sorts.
The conference took place at a new resort just north of Albuquerque called the Sandia Resort and Casino. It was a good job I had been practicing my poker skills with some of the websites shown on the non gamstop casinos list! It is brand, spanking new and by far the nicest casino I’ve ever been in. Whilst I prefer playing at an online casino, I certainly understood the appeal of a place like this. (Even better than the Atlantis in the Bahamas. And yes, I realize how white trash it is to be comparing casinos, but I’m calling a spade a spade.) When I found out the conference was being held there, of course, I used this detailed guide from best-casino.net to help me polish up my skills. I wanted to be the best in that casino! If you are ever in the neighborhood and looking for a nice place to stay, make reservations. You won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re not in the area but you’re wanting to satisfy your gambling needs, you could always look around at the likes of paybyphonebillcasino.uk and similar sites that can allow you to play some of your favorite casino games online, where ever you are.

Sandia Resort and Casino, pool, golf course

Beautiful, no?


Although there is lots of tourist-y native art. But some of it is really pretty…

Native American statue

Like this lady! I love her jewelry.

How do you finish off a day of listening to doctors and experts discuss how America is eating itself to death?

the perfect afternoon treat

With booze, fried chips and the latest Britney gossip. That’s how.