I’m not talking booze either. Why is it so miserably difficult to get back into routine after a few days of lounging? When my alarm went off this morning, I considered crying before anything else. It doesn’t help that it is dark, dark, dark and (Arizona) cold this time of year either.That said, I hauled my butt to the gym and felt better for doing so. I had one of the most topsy turvy Thanksgivings yet.

Yay! Let’s Have more Turkey List:

– Father/Daughter day was an A+, including time with 007 and catching up with the man I love most in this world.

– Peaceful, loving time with my mom. We have gotten along better on this trip than any in the last few years. I am savoring this and trying to keep the momentum going for our Christmas in Denver in a few weeks.

– Gobs of time to read (three novels!), nap, knit, sew, bake, run and two great bike rides, including one with Chris. He kicked my butt royally.

– Time with my girlfriends, including watching one man in particular impress my socks off at karaoke. “Sweet Caroline” will never be the same. Game¬† and pizza night was a kick too, although I know very little 1980s trivia and my team was a disaster.

– The garden is sprouting beets.

– My mom fixed my computer, among other random things that needed attention around the house.

– My dad “borrowed” my car and put new and much needed tires on it. Say it with me: spoiled rotten!

The Could Have Done Without List:

-Insensitive comments. We don’t live in the 1940 and it is not appropriate to stick your finger in my face and say “Shame on me” under any circumstance.

– Pie crust. Pastry grosses me out; I love to bake it and disgust eating it.

– Extended family drama, causing me to temporarily lose my marbles and cry for about 100 miles on I10. Yikes.

Some drama, but for the most part a great holiday. I hope your Thanksgiving also gave you a lengthy list of things to be grateful for.