You know those days when absolutely nothing seems to fall in your favor? Yeah.

baking 039

baking 037

Two trays of chocolate chip cookies that flopped. I think it was a bad mix.

baking 034

Brownies with a fudge swirl that apparently were pretty sticky too.

baking 040

And lemon bread that I didn’t let cool long enough. Holy Moses, there was some bad baking happening around here tonight. Thankfully, there was a bit of good too:

baking 042

A little brown, but edible lemon muffins.

baking 043

Fat-free pumpkin brownies for my new trainers.

baking 046

Good ole’ full fat brownies that came out okay, plus a dozen peanut butter cookies and two dozen cranberry cinnamon cookies. I am certain I still have enough to make my cookie platters to deliver Friday.

Next time, more patience and PAM.